Volunteer with SFPIRG

Volunteer with SFPIRG!

Volunteer with SFPIRG! Join our community of people who care about building a more just and compassionate world! Help us grow our collective capacity to make transformative and anti-oppressive change! Sign up to volunteer for the fall of 2022 by filling out this form. We are so excited to engage with…
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Apply for Work Study

Work Study

Are you a full-time student passionate about social and environmental justice? Would you like to develop your social justice literacy and advocacy skills? Come work for SFPIRG! Every term we hire SFU students through the work-study program, which is a form of financial assistance that is offered to those pursuing…
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Attend an Event

How-To Guides

SFPIRG is in the process of assembling a number of How-to Guides to support SFU students and community members in their organizing efforts! We are excited to launch our first How-to Guide for building peer support networks. This guide offers insight into what peer support means, considerations for building peer…
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Bike Tool Co-op

The SFU Bike Tool Co-op is currently suspended as we navigate being in a new space within the SUB. If you require access to bike tools while on campus please email us at engagement@sfpirg.ca The SFU Bike Tool Co-op is a shared tool and work-space program run by students! Being…
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We are thrilled to be inviting the campus community back the the SFPIRG Library! In the Spring of 2022, SFPIRG staff and work study students began the gargantuan task of sorting through more than 5000 books, DVDs, CDs, reports, magazines, and zines to meet the new direction and mandate for…
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Action Groups

An Action Group is a group of volunteers (including at least four SFU students) who come together to do work on a social or environmental justice issue(s). Each Action Group operates under the banner of SFPIRG and receives financial and administrative support from the organization. Being part of an Action…
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Board of Directors

SFPIRG is an independent, student-run and student-funded society. To ensure that our work reflects the ideas and values of the student community at SFU with whom we work, SFPIRG is managed by a student-directed Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is charged with guiding the direction, vision, and growth…
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Volunteer with LFTI

Letters for the Inside

It’s back! We are so excited to be waking up Letters for the Inside after a few years of sleeping during COVID-19.   LFTI is a nationally-recognized project where student researchers respond to research requests from prisoners that was founded in 2004 through the Capilano Student Union’s Social Justice Committee. In…
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