SFPIRG is an independent, student-funded society. To help carry out the work of the organization, SFPIRG employs three permanent unionized co-Executive Directors, who form the SFPIRG Staff Collective. Each staff member is responsible for a specific area of SFPIRG’s work, and is also responsible for the overall management of the organization. See below to learn more!

Kalamity HildebrandtKalamity Hildebrandt – Director of Research & Education

Kalamity is a powerful force for ideas, compassion and anti-oppression commitment at SFPIRG. Formally at least somewhat trained in psychology (SFU) and law (UBC), their passion and greatest source of learning has always been grassroots organizing and community social justice education. They are responsible for spearheading new topics and approaches around the issues that SFPIRG tackles; acting as a facilitator for much of SFPIRG’s programming as well as offering custom-made workshops for the SFU community; developing educational content; mentoring students as they develop their skills as researchers, facilitators and in implementing anti-oppression ideas; supervising programs and projects such as Letters for the Inside; and more. In their spare time, Kalamity can be found playing D&D, reading too many articles on social media, and carving wooden spoons.



Susan Chiv – Director of AdministrationSusan Chiv

Susan is the Capricorn-rising administrator you never knew you always needed. With plentiful support from the staff collective, they reign over bookkeeping, budgeting, room booking, and saying No. Susan also co-manages the SFPIRG library, along with Kalamity. They have very strong feelings about time travel. Just, don’t get into it.





Gabby Doebeli – Director of Engagement

As an organizer, educator and facilitator, Gabby seeks to focus her work on relational organizing and empowering communities to fight for liberation and justice. She is especially excited about organizing for transformative change at the intersections of climate justice, housing justice and anti-violence work. Gabby’s role at SFPIRG includes building relationships on and off campus, supporting student organizers, planning SFPIRG’s programming, coordinating SFPIRG’s communications and online presence, and more. When not busy overthinking (or perhaps especially then), Gabby appreciates friendship, the ocean, and good books. 



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