owl with bookWe are thrilled to be inviting the campus community back the the SFPIRG Library! In the Spring of 2022, SFPIRG staff and work study students began the gargantuan task of sorting through more than 5000 books, DVDs, CDs, reports, magazines, and zines to meet the new direction and mandate for the library: to provide resources that provided key histories and perspectives in social justice, as well as tangible action, practices, and next steps to take in making change happen in communities.

We have re-categorised our resources to reflect this shift in the libraries purpose so you will find a large section on organising strategies and skills, a growing section on anti-oppressive practices, and new resources in each section that focus on action! Through our library and resources, SFPIRG aims to reflect its commitment to a diversity of approaches to social and environmental justice and we encourage you to let us know about resources we can acquire to meet your needs. We also look forward to providing programming and services through the Rotunda Library in the coming year including guest authors coming to do readings, radical reading circles, homework help, writing workshops, and more!

You can browse our entire collection online, using the Rotunda Libraries Catalogue. The Rotunda Libraries Catalogue is shared with the Women’s Centre and Out On Campus, who also have their own lending libraries. Be sure to check them out!

Books may be lent out for a period of three weeks. DVDs may be lent out for one week. Although no fines are applied to late materials, members are expected to return all materials on or before the due date. Failing to do so will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges until the overdue materials are returned.

access the rotunda libraries’ catalogue