The Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) is a student-funded and student-directed resource centre dedicated to social and environmental justice.

PIRGs were established across North American campuses in the 1970’s and 80’s as a way for students to advocate for social change. SFPIRG was set-up by students on SFU’s Burnaby campus in 1981. Since then, SFPIRG has engaged in all kinds of exciting work and has positively impacted the lives of SFU students and the wider community.

We are a registered non-profit organization with our own constitution and bylaws. We are governed by a student-led board of directors and we use consensus decision-making as the basis for our work. We have a team of three unionized staff who carry out the work of the organization. We are independent from the University, the Simon Fraser Student Society, and the Graduate Student Society.

SFPIRG is funded through student fees. Each semester we receive $3.00 from full-time undergraduate students and $1.50 from part-time undergraduate students. A successful graduate student referendum in Spring 2020 increased grad student membership fees and tied them to local inflation rates. As of Fall 2021 we receive $5.61 from full-time graduate students and $2.81 from part-time graduate students. After paying their student fees, all students are members of SFPIRG and can use the resources available through our centre. Non-students can also become associate members of SFPIRG and get involved with us.

We realize that not everyone believes in the goals of SFPIRG so we do offer students the ability to revoke their membership. We offer a fee refund period every semester, usually during the 4th week. Keep an eye on our events calendar for the fee refund period and procedures.