Custom Workshops

SFPIRG offers a variety of workshops developed to build or deepen understandings on a variety of topics. Our standard workshops are based around anti-oppression though we can tailor workshops to focus on anti-racism, LGBTQ2S+, liberation, colonialism & anti-colonialism, harm reduction principles, radical accessibility, and other topics. Not sure if we cover a topic you’re interested in? Contact us! If we don’t offer it, we can point you in the right direction.

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Have you been lucky enough to have been to a workshop with our amazing SFPIRG co-Executive Director Kalamity Hildebrandt? They have offered a variety of learning opportunities including:

  • No Shame, No Blame! Introduction to Intersectional Anti-Oppression
  • Diversity, Inclusion and More!
  • Climate Justice 101
  • Ethics of Community-Based Research
  • Police and Prison Abolition 101
  • Inclusive Movement Building and Organizing
  • Centering Care in Social Movement Organising
  • Finding Our Roles in Social Movements
  • Applying Intersectionality in Movement Building and Organizing
  • Writing Indigenous Knowledges (collaborative with members of SFU Library staff)
  • Inclusive and Accessible Event Planning
  • Advocacy and Inclusive Governance for Involved Students
  • Peer Support Skills
  • Body Positivity and the Politics of Weight (through Fat Panic! Vancouver)
  • Intro to Fat Politics (through Fat Panic! Vancouver)
  • Intro to Facilitation and Workshop Development
  • Capitalism and its Realistic Alternatives
  • Understanding Corporations
  • What’s Wrong with Our Food Systems?
  • Introduction to Disability Justice
  • Excessive Demands: A critical look at section 38(1)(c) of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Our rates are on a sliding scale depending on the means of the group. The average is about $150 per hour. This includes prep time, travel, delivery, & debrief. There may be additional charges should extensive customization be required for a workshop. In order to ensure access, we may also reduce or waive our fee for student groups, small not-for-profits, peer-led support groups, and grassroots organizations.

Some of the groups we have delivered workshops for include Kickstand, SFU Student Services (Student Engagement & Retention), SFU Psychology Graduate Student Caucus, SFU350, Embark Sustainability, the Simon Fraser Student Society, Out on Campus, and Enactus SFU.


“Collaborating with SFPIRG to develop innovative leadership programming for SFU students has been an exceptional experience for our team. Their approach has been non-judgmental, respectful, and deeply compassionate – qualities that are essential for building awareness and more inclusive communities.” (Student Engagement & Retention, SFU Student Services)