Custom Workshops

SFPIRG offers custom-made workshops developed by SFPIRG co-Executive Director Kalamity Hildebrandt, on a range of topics for campus and community groups. Past topics have included:

  • No Shame, No Blame! Introduction to Intersectional Anti-Oppression
  • Diversity, Inclusion and More!
  • Inclusive Movement Building and Organizing
  • Applying Intersectionality in Movement Building and Organizing
  • Inclusive and Accessible Event Planning
  • Advocacy and Inclusive Governance for Involved Students
  • Peer Support Skills
  • Body Positivity and the Politics of Weight (through Fat Panic! Vancouver)
  • Intro to Fat Politics (through Fat Panic! Vancouver)
  • Intro to Facilitation and Workshop Development
  • Capitalism and its Realistic Alternatives
  • Understanding Corporations
  • What’s Wrong with Our Food Systems?
  • Introduction to Disability Justice
  • Excessive Demands: A critical look at section 38(1)(c) of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act

Our rates are on a sliding scale depending on the means of the group. The average is about $150 per hour. This includes prep time, travel, delivery, & debrief. There may be additional charges should extensive customization be required for a workshop. In order to ensure access, we may also reduce or waive our fee for student groups, small not-for-profits, peer-led support groups, and grassroots organizations.

**Please note that all of our workshops are taking places digitally at this time**

Some of the groups we have delivered workshops for include SFU Student Services (Student Engagement & Retention), SFU Psychology Graduate Student Caucus, the Simon Fraser Student Society, Out on Campus, and Enactus SFU.

Contact us today to have us create and/or facilitate a workshop for your organization!


“Collaborating with SFPIRG to develop innovative leadership programming for SFU students has been an exceptional experience for our team. Their approach has been non-judgmental, respectful, and deeply compassionate – qualities that are essential for building awareness and more inclusive communities.” (Student Engagement & Retention, SFU Student Services)