New to Activism?

Are you new to activism? Looking to learn more about social and environmental justice? Not sure where to start?

We know that words like “social justice”, “anti-oppression”, and “intersectionality” can be new and intimidating. And we know that everyone is at different points in their learning journeys.

Below are some key terms from our Info Hub that we think will help familiarize you and equip you with some of the theories and terminology that are regularly used in social and environmental justice organizing. Each one includes some thoughts we have on the terms, as well as suggested readings on the topics.

Want to learn more about the terms, or about other topics? Visit our Info Hub, or browse through our Blog! We’re also updating and adding new content, because our learning journey is also ongoing.

Wherever you are in your own journey, welcome. You are needed in this movement, and we’re so happy to have you.

Mutual Aid

Climate Justice



Systems of Oppression

Body Sovereignty



Healing Justice

Solidarity Work


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