Transformative Justice

What is Transformative Justice?

Transformative Justice in Practice

  • In It Together
    • A Framework for Conflict Transformation In Movement-Building Groups – Explore the tools and resources that support the use of human-centered, non-punitive accountability practices in movement spaces.
  • Against Punishment 
    • a curriculum for educators in K-12 interested in teaching about transformative justice

Critiques of the Carceral State & Carceral Feminism

Connect to Resources & Groups

    • is a resources hub about ending violence. It offers an introduction to transformative justice.
  • Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective
    • The Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective is a community collective of individuals based out of Oakland, CA that is working to build and support transformative justice responses to child sexual abuse. They envision a world where everyday people can intervene in incidences of child sexual abuse in ways that not only meet immediate needs such as stopping current violence, securing safety and taking accountability for harm; but that also prevent future violence and harm by actively cultivating things such as healing, accountability and resiliency for all – survivors, bystanders, and those who have abused others. 
  • Creative Interventions
    • Useful tools, links and other information to help anyone and everyone create collective responses to interpersonal violence. Current activities focus on building capacity for grassroots social justice organizations and supporting domestic violence and sexual assault organizations to make community-based, transformative justice and community accountability interventions a real option.
  • Joint Effort (LOCAL!)
    • Joint Effort is a women in prison abolitionist group involved in solidarity work with women prisoners in the Lower Mainland.

Important Books