Police & Prison Abolition

Police and prison abolition is movement that recognises that a world where we rely on harmful systems for justice and safety is not a world we want to live. It is a movement that recognises that policing systems are rooted in the enslavement of Black peoples, stealing Indigenous children and lands, and the protection of private property and the status quo above people and communities.

There are many aspects of abolition work that include prison justice, defunding the police, and transformative justice. Check out this section of the InfoHub to learn more!

New to Abolition?

  • This is a great study guide for learning on your own or in a small group (learning together and being able to talk through this complicated issue is highly recommended!) Compiled by the Journal and Community of Radical Theory & Practice and drawing on some amazing abolition practioners, this guide provides a nuanced introduction to abolition!
  • This transcript of an interview with abolitionist Mariame Kaba provides a welcoming introduction to police and prison abolition
  • This zine provides a graphic introduction to why policing and carceral systems are harmful and thoughts on how we build something different together (we also offer a print version of this zine in our office!)

History of Police

Who gets Policed? What factors impact who gets policed?

Police and Wellness Checks

Defund and Abolish Police

Resources and Alternatives to Policing

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