Economy and Alternative Economies

Sometimes it seems that the capitalist economy is inevitable – it has so many nuances, intersections and harms. Understanding the ways that the capitalist economy impacts our lives is important for resisting and unravelling it. Similarly, knowing there are harm reduction strategies like basic (or guaranteed) income or whole other ways of being a part of an economy is important for dreaming our way out of capitalism

Understanding Capitalism

Banking as a Tool of Colonisation

Banking Can Be This Destructive: TD Bank Financial Group and Environmental Destruction (2001), Forest Action Network

The 2010 Olympics and Beyond

OLYMPIC COSTS & BENEFITS: A Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Proposed Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games (2003), Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Alternatives or Harm Reduction Strategies to Capitalism

Basic Living Income

Women’s Economic Justice Project: An Examination of How Women Would Benefit from a Guaranteed Livable Income (2006), Victoria’s Status of Women Action Group