Board of Directors

SFPIRG is an independent, student-funded society. To ensure that our work reflects the ideas and values of the student community at SFU with whom we work, SFPIRG is managed by a student-directed board of directors. The board of directors is charged with guiding the direction, vision, and growth of SFPIRG. The current board of directors was appointed in May 2017 and will retire at the end of April 2018. See below for our Directors’ thoughts on social and environmental justice!

Interested in joining our Board of Directors outside of the regular nomination period in the Spring semester? Send us an email at and we’ll get you set up with an application form! Applications are reviewed by our Board, who make the final decision about appointments to vacant positions.

Emma Warner CheeEmma Warner Chee

Justice is working toward the elimination of oppression. It centers marginalized people, and often cannot be accomplished within existing oppressive frameworks. Doing social justice work is not about feeling good, it is about understanding that injustice impacts people. It is understanding that power needs to be challenged, and held accountable (until it can be dismantled). Social and environmental justice work needs to recognize Indigenous land and Indigenous sovereignty.




Maisaloon Al-AshkarMaisaloon Al-Ashkar

Social and environmental justice is about nurturing equity that acknowledges differences of privilege and power, while valuing that our individual and collective well-being are deeply interconnected. It’s about honouring diversity and valuing each person’s unique lived realities, while cultivating meaningful solidarity that’s rooted in holistic commitment to anti-oppressive pedagogies. It creates safe, accessible, inclusive and decolonized spaces in which self-determination and community-care are integral. Social and environmental justice means that we fully acknowledge and support the Indigenous communities on whose ancestral homelands we gather, learn, work and grow. It means that we are actively supporting, uplifting and empowering frontline communities as they lead the path to liberation on their own terms.


Matthew ProvostMatthew Provost

Everyone deserves fair treatment no matter your background, race, religion, sex, or gender identity. Everyone deserves to receive the same respect and we are especially interested in supporting and working with marginalized and oppressed groups. This is what we need to implement or try to work towards so we can help each other grow in a positive way as a community.




Rodney StehrRodney Stehr

Social justice is about centering the marginalized in the dominant narrative and working towards producing equitable, just, and dignified conditions for all individuals – irrespective of their intersectionalities. Environmental justice is about protecting the environment and holding those accountable who seek to profit from its destruction.




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