Volunteer with SFPIRG!

Volunteer with SFPIRG!

Join our community of people who care about building a more just and compassionate world! Help us grow our collective capacity to make transformative and anti-oppressive change! Sign up to volunteer for the fall of 2022 by filling out this form.

We are so excited to engage with your ideas, thoughts and reflections about social justice. We look forward to our community building and collective organizing adventures!

Current Volunteer Projects

Research Teams

Come and grow you research skills with SFPIRG! We are currently involved in two stream of organising that require research:

  • one supporting anti-TMX organisers in the lower mainland
  • one engaged in building community wellness and safety that doesn’t include police and security.

If you are interested in doing research that has an immediate impact on the communities around you, this is a good place to be! Looking for research teams to do interviews, literature reviews, knowledge mobilisation (taking some big pieces of research and making them available and accessible to the general public), and finding resources that can help us build training and education.

Communications and Social Media Team

Join SFPIRG’s communications team to learn more about how raise awareness, educate, and empower the SFU community to act on social and environmental justice through social media! We are looking to do social media a bit differently this term by using it a platform for sharing vital community stories about change-making, as well as drafting content like infographics for social media. Share your art and creativity to help our movements grow and learn!

Previous Volunteer Collectives

Mental Health Peers Collective

Would you like to develop the skills to support people in your life and your community when they experience mental health crisis? Would you like a safe place to discuss your own experiences and relationship to mental health? Are you interested in exploring alternatives to the mainstream mental health system and the psychiatric model? Are you open to critiques of the all too often nonconsensual and violent approaches taken by the current mental health system – and the police –  when they respond to people who are behaving in unusual ways or experiencing altered states?

Join us for a deep dive into approaches to responding to emotional crisis and to behavioral and cognitive difference that are rooted in disability and healing justice, consent-based and anti-carceral values, and the understanding that oppression and violence cause individual, collective and intergenerational trauma.

We are inspired by the idea that we are all capable of graining in comfort and skills for supporting one another through the hard stuff. We are inspired by groups like Project LETS, BEAM – the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, the Fireweed Collective, and Mental Health First, a project of the Anti Police-Terror Project.

Let’s learn together and build networks of campus and community safety, person by person!

Mutual Aid & Alternative Community Safety Organising Team

Note: this team is taking a break for the fall, but will be back in the spring! Check back in the fall for how you can join and learn about the movement to defund/abolish the police and explore practice strategies for building individual and community capacity for responding to social harms without recourse to governance through violence.

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