Volunteer with SFPIRG!

Volunteer with SFPIRG!

Join our community of people who care about building a more just and compassionate world! Help us grow our collective capacity to make transformative and anti-oppressive change! Sign up to volunteer for the fall of 2021 by filling out this form.

We are so excited to engage with your ideas, thoughts and reflections about social justice. We look forward to our community building and collective organizing adventures!

Volunteer Projects

Join SFPIRG’s communications team to draft content for social media and share educational materials about social media on our website. Together, we raise awareness, educate, and empower the SFU community to act on social and environmental justice. Share your art and creativity to help our movements grow!

Note: this team is taking a break for the fall, but will be back in the spring! Check back in the fall for how you can join and learn about the movement to defund/abolish the police and explore practice strategies for building individual and community capacity for responding to social harms without recourse to governance through violence.

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