Fall 2020 Student Survey

Fall 2020 Student Survey: what do YOU care about? Help inform SFPIRG's work by taking our survey today!

The Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) is a student-funded resource center at Simon Fraser University (SFU). We collaborate with community volunteers to support student-led social justice and environmental justice projects on campus. Some of our current and past working groups include Left Alternative, Embark, and Out On Campus – the last two are now their own campus organizations. We are run by a student and community-led Board, as well as being supported by teams of dedicated volunteers.

At SFPIRG we are incredibly excited to support new and returning students in their work in social and environmental justice. This survey is intended to find out what social and environmental justice issues students care about, and what kinds of activism or organizing students have been involved in. The results of this survey will help inform SFPIRG’s work in the coming semesters and years – thank you for helping shape the future of activism and organizing at SFU!

Link to Survey: https://forms.gle/vdUGxBYTvue17vTP7